Star Fish

As I walked up to the door, it gently swung open by the hostess who greeted me with a sweet smile. The first thing that caught my eye was the very blue, beautiful fish tank full of cute little critters. It was the evening time, so the warm sun still shined its rays through the windows. Usually when I walk into the restaurants, I’m always examining the areas where I’ll get the most light. That’s when I noticed the various styles of pendants hanging from the ceiling, and large beams criss crossing. There are black and white tiles throughout the space, with mixes of neutral colors and textures. Can this person come design my house interior please?!

I was directed into the private dining area, which was well lit with natural light, and had seating for about 12. The space felt comfortable, and cozy enough to be someone’s formal dining space. The dishes were set for us upon arrival, and I couldn’t help but notice how much thought was put into the restaurant; the plates even had a beautiful blue rim on the edges and cups were blue tinted.

Growing up in California, seafood definitely has a special place on my plate. I can confidentially say Star Fish is providing the goods. We started with a delicious tray of oysters, which could be accompanied by six different sauces. My favorite would have to be the Jalapeño Mignonette. The Salmon Belly Crudo melts in your mouth, and has a crisp sweetness from the bites of apples.

As “food adventurers”, my friends and I like to dip things maybe where they don’t belong. Do we like it because it doesn’t belong, or do we just have epic taste bud pleasing creations? There’s already something spectacular about the Butter Fries, fried in clarified butter, but when paired with the House Steak TarTare some magical unicorns begin to dance on your tongue.

The next appetizer put a new twist on Taco Tuesday, adding a puffy and crunchy blue corn tortilla, with large chunks of lobster inside. The Puffy Crispy Lobster Tacos with pepper jack and avocado salsa are hiding under micro cilantro, shredded lettuce, and tomato. As I mentioned in other post, Lee and his team do not skimp when it comes to crab meat. The crab and avocado salad with Japanese cucumbers is perfect to refresh you palette. The large chunks of crab are buttery to the tongue, and cucumbers add a crispy texture.

A dish I still dream of til this day is the Potato Gnocchi. The savory and creamy clam chowder compliments these cylindrical little pillows, which are fluffy in texture and hold a flavor of their own. And if you’re looking for more items to carb load on, then try the Sweet Red Pepper Roasted Gulf Shrimp pasta. It’s a simple dish but satisfies all the cravings of a delicious seafood pasta dish.

If you’ve brought your meat loving friend along for the ride, no fear there’s something for him/her too. The Starfish Cheeseburger is juicy, and has a delicious butter bun – and of course serves so well with Butter Fries. Other meat loving options include, Wood Grilled Lamb T-bone, Maw Maw’s Crispy Fried Chicken Breast, and Rohan Duckling.

Let’s not forget about the decadent desserts, and beautifully garnished drinks. The key lime pie was smooth, and had a strong lime flavor. It was not too tart, and not too sweet. My favorite drink was the English Garden martini. I am more of a dark liquor kind of girl, but this drink was perfectly balanced, and who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing drink?

If you have moved away from where you grew up, what do you miss most about it? I definitely miss the scenery and seafood from California!


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