Ruggles Green Seasonal Menu

Being in Houston during the summer means hot, burning sun rays, moist humid air, and man eating mosquitos. However, on this particular day I could hear laughter from children playing in the astro turf area near our table, and although slightly warm, there was a cool breeze in our presence. We sat outside on the patio in City Centre under a big hunching tree, and watched people as they conversed, played, and argued.

Ruggles Green is nothing new to my family’s spots to eat, but I was invited out to try some items from their new seasonal menu. I have already been a fan of their food, especially when I’m looking for something on the healthier side. During the summer I tend to flock towards their Spicy Fish Tacos, but replace my corn tortillas with lettuce wraps; and in the winter I love a warm and comforting bowl of the vegetable soup.

We began with some of my favorite appetizers, the Hi-protein Hempanadas. The hemp and wheat flour crust is thick, flaky, and crumble as you bite into it. The cheese is warm and pulls nicely, while the raisins add elements of sweetness to the savory all natural beef. These are served with a roasted garlic cilantro (my personal favorite) and guava chipotle aioli.

Shortly after our Ahi Tuna Salad (seasonal menu) arrived, and I must say it was so beautiful and rich in color. Any salad dressed in citrus and soy vinaigrette is perfectly refreshing for the summer, and the medium rare ahi tuna was cooked just right. The salad is great if you’re looking for a light dish with delicious flavors.

Another seasonal menu item that was a HUGE hit with not only myself, but totally KID APPROVED, was the Lemon Herb Chicken. The juicy chicken itself was dripping with savory sauce, and we all couldn’t get enough of the flavorful cauliflower rice. I’ve had my fair share of cauliflower rice, and most times it was on the mushier side, but this “rice” held up pretty nicely. Both kids (6 years and 18 months) were begging for more! With that said, I’m a bit sad this is just a seasonal menu item since the kids loved it so much.

Next up were the Spicy Shrimp Tacos. As I mentioned before, my go-to dish was the Spicy Fish Tacos, so it was no surprise the Spicy Shrimp Tacos also satisfied my taste buds. The shrimp was cooked with a firmness, and fresh veggies were crisp. I loved the elements of mango with the habanero hot sauce – spicy and tangy flavor combination.

How did we end our meal? With Carrot and Domino Cake of course! Both cakes were very moist, decadent, and served with a side of organic vanilla bean ice cream. The carrot cake was a little on sweet side for me, but keep in mind I order 30% of sugar or less in all my milk tea drinks. The Domino Cake was very rich, and paired well with the cold vanilla ice cream.

I am pretty excited Ruggles Green is rolling out a seasonal menu, and with the flavor packed Summer menu, I’m curious to see what flavor creations will be rolled out next season.


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