Kula Revolving Sushi

There’s this fantasy I have that seems to replay itself constantly, but no time in my life has it came true. In my mind, I am floating in the clouds with an unstoppable appetite, as plates of food float around me. As I chomp down on my favorite bites, everything is fresh, flavorful, and taste like a bit of heaven.

Today as I sat mesmerized by the conveyor belt of sushi and desserts, I felt deja vu as I spaced out into my fantasy. CLANK! Shortly after, I snapped out of my dream state as my husband dropped the plate into the chute embedded under the conveyor. The plate sucked into the hole, as he quickly reached for another plate.

To be honest, I don’t often find myself at all-you-can-eat, or conveyor belt sushi spots. Sushi is one of my favorite categories of food, and I rarely will settle for less than average. Plus the last time we went to an AYCE spot, my stomach churned for 24 hours making me nauseated and in pain. However, Kula Revolving Sushi was a pleasant surprise in regards to quality. The starting prices of sushi plates begin at $2.25, and the items are free of MSG, preservatives, and added sweeteners.

The space has tables and booths in between an E shaped conveyor belt. In the back, there is glass where you can see their team preparing the dishes, and laying plates on the belt. Above the general conveyor, there is a second belt which delivers customized orders to the tables. Little clear pods cover each dish, as the plate sits on a timer. When the timer is up, the pod flips up so it’s made aware that dish is no longer fresh.

Touch screens sit above each table, displaying options for nigiri, rolls, noodles, desserts, and sides. The sides are items such as edamame, tempura, and takoyaki. As you put your plates into the chute, the system will count and respond at milestones by playing cartoons/music, or releasing a red ball as a token, like a gumball machine.

All the little interactive bells and whistle definitely made the experience one worth while for my kids. Zoey’s favorite items of the night were Kappa Maki, Shoyu Ramen (Chriselle too), and Vanilla Ice Cream. Chriselle loved the California Roll and Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream. Tuan loved the Garlic Ponzu Tuna (me too), Crispy Rice with Spicy Salmon, and Tiger Roll. I enjoyed the Toro and Red Snapper with Yuzu Pepper the most.

Anyone else have strange food fantasies? If you do, I want to know, so comment down below!

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