Fit in 5 – Week 1

Between traveling, house re-arranging, Hurricane Harvey, work, and being a wife + mom, life has gotten the best of me. Previously I worked like a well oiled machine, with meal preps for the weekdays, workouts all week with active activities on weekends. Also I could keep up with the calories I consumed while at food media events. I prided myself on living a “balanced life” between making healthy choices, and enjoying a cheat meal 1-2x a week. However, lately I feel like I’ve been sucked into this BIG BLACK HOLE, and find myself feeling flustered with schedules, overly exhausted, and bloated constantly.

With that said, I was doing some late night Instagram stalking, and came across the Fit in 5 Challenge by Paige Hathaway. A light bulb went off in my head, and I saw this as a way to get myself back on track! We’re humans, and it’s okay if you fall off the wagon sometimes. The important thing is to get yourself back up and refocusing your priorities!

Follow me along my 5 week journey to a healthier lifestyle, and I ask you guys help keep me going. I appreciate the constant support already!


Today I woke up early to get my day started. My breakfast was interrupted two times due to deliveries, so my fat free cheese got a little cold. But I really enjoyed my breakfast – eggs, fat free cheese, salsa, and Ezekiel bread. After having some coffee with Stevia and unsweetened Almond milk I was feeling great! I did some errands, and before I knew it I was on meal 3. The only fret food wise for me today was the over steamed broccoli – totally my fault – which felt like mushed baby food in my mouth. I’d take a bite and swallow with water throughout the meal trying to make it go down.

My energy was pretty steady all day until about 5PM, which I accidentally ended up crashing on my daughter’s room floor, and woke up 45 minutes later with a carpet imprint on my face.

After my nap, I ate and began the at home workout, which was HIIT and Abs. By round 4 I was sweating up a storm . My biggest challenge for my workout was the last round of planks. I kept myself motivated by thinking of the end goal, and the body + mindset I wanted to work towards.


I woke up feeling quite hungry this morning, and was excited that I had no interruptions. Ezekiel bread can get pretty stale if you don’t eat it right out of the toaster, and since I’m a textured eater it’s vital my toast is on point. No food troubles today, and I am happy to have switched out broccoli for some more green beans.

Something different I did notice today was acne appearing on my face. This has happened before when I did the Whole30, and it’ll go away I’m assuming once my body’s done purging. Let’s not quote me on this since I’m not expert.

Pre-workout I was pretty stoked since I enjoy working on my arms. By the 3rd set I was struggling trying to bring my weights up for a curl, but the burn felt so good! Since abs were in yesterdays regimen, my abs were aching with every movement. As I did my last 10 seconds of my plank, I kept telling myself “Fitter me! Fitter me!” to keep myself going. Thank goodness I didn’t fall flat on my face!


I took preworkout at night and stayed up until 1AM. Note to self, take a smaller dosage, or workout earlier.


I was STRUGGLING on this day. I wasn’t in the best mood from lack of sleep, so I wasn’t in the right mindset. I had cravings after every meal for something sweet, and dreamed of milk tea with herbal jelly.

I trucked through the meals and Tuan helped get me to the gym in the evening. The weight lifting portion of the regimen was more difficult to complete since I was so unfocused, and felt jittery. Once I got through that, and drinking a ton of water I began my cardio which surprisingly went by quickly.


Before the program started, I advised Paige I was interested in more plant based meal plans since I’m not much of a meat eater. I bought a ton of tofu, and I must say the struggle is real. The texture in my mouth is just turning me off, and I think the lesson learned is next week I’ll mix it up between tofu, fish, and possibly chicken.


Thank goodness for a good nights sleep! CJ woke me up a little earlier than normal, but I felt LIT when I woke up. My mind was focused and I was able to run a ton of errands that have been pending on my To Do list.

In completing laundry I found a crop top, and decided to rock it with joggers. Honestly, although people tell me I look just fine, it’s not how I felt inside. Your mind can definitely play tricks on you when looking in the mirror if you’re not feeling really confident. At the beginning of this week one of my goals was to feel comfortable in a crop top again, and well here I am in day 6. I was in this blackhole/rut before I began this program, and it just shows how your diet and exercise can affect you.

I am super sore in my legs from leg day, so I need to set aside some time to foam roll.


I set aside some time on this day to rearrange the protein portions I was intaking since tofu was something I wanted to minimize. I added more white fish to my meals, and set out on my meal prepping journey to the grocery store!

One tip I received from Paige, was to pre-cut your veggies for the 2nd half of your week. It makes my 2nd meal prep a lot faster, and the food much more enjoyable, especially when I can switch up seasonings.


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