Fit in 5 – Week 2


With fall upon us, Texas is still blazing, so whatever tasks you do makes you 2x more tired. I spent most of the day going to stores with home goods since I love decorating for fall. Before I knew it, it was the evening time so we rushed home, and Tuan helped push me through a workout after the kids went to bed. YAY HUSBAND!


To be honest this day ended up being an accidental, kinda rest day. I spent time in the morning going to a few appointments. My eyes were really puffy from traveling so I went to the doctor, and with that I found I needed glasses! All this time I humbly bragged to my husband about my 20/20 – whoops. The prescription isn’t heavy, and is actually more needed while I work (day job + blogging) so my eyes stop working so hard while starring at monitors.

Some goldfish may have accidentally ended up in my mouth before realizing it’s not part of my diet. *face palm* Ohhhh motherhood. I ended up just adding in some cardio since I’ll need to work out straight for the next 5 days.

Sweaty undereyes – don’t mind me.

DAY 10

Today I broke up my workouts in two different portions since I was unable to fit it all in the morning. I was supposed to wake up at 6AM to get through my workout, but my body was like “No! No! No!” and I ended up sleeping for 9 HOURS! I guess at times no matter how hard you try to fight your body, it’s like NOPE!

Instead in the morning I ran on fasted cardio, and in the late afternoon finished my workout with the weight portion. This schedule really worked out for today but I am not sure if it’s something I’d like to adopt, especially since I still have 19 pilates (pre-bought) classes I need to complete.

DAY 11

Bur-da-burr-burrrrr! Just going to pat myself on the back today for completing 3 workouts! Last night, as I laid in my daughter’s bed trying to escape my husband’s monstrous snore, I felt the defeat of the next morning. I figured I would miss my morning workout, and be exhausted for the rest of the day.

And…I did miss my morning workout, but I told myself that I’ve got a couple more weeks and before I know it, it’ll all be over. I’d probably look back on this defeat day and regret the workouts I missed, so instead I asked for the support of my husband to take care of the kids as I completed my weights, Pilates class, and a run. It’s almost 10PM, and I smell like a boys locker room, but I feel like a mo’fkn champ!

When you’re on your last set, and the struggle is real.

DAY 12

Note to self…don’t chow down on super spicy salsa before running.

DAY 13

I am still running into the challenge of wanting tacos and milk tea on Friday. Old habits are sure hard to break.

DAY 14

Today I am proud that I was able to be out, and still stick to my macros. At a friend’s baby shower I was able to find some plain chicken, and eat it with a bed of lettuce. I think I’ve gotten the hang of eyeballing my food, so I could measure out the proper amount of proteins and greens.

Shameless selfie because my skin has been on point!

Until next week friends! Thank again for the continual support!


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