Fit in 5 – Week 3

DAY 15

Shoutout to my husband, Tuan, for meal prepping while I painted the house. He spent the better half of the day meal prepping for himself, me, and the kids lunches. I took this day as my rest day, although I was doing some type of physical activity.

DAY 16

Note to self … leg day, cardio, and Pilates don’t go together in one day. My body felt like complete jello, and my last few reps were so hard to concentrate since I wore myself out.

If I’m not sure what to listen to, Spotify has my back.

DAY 17

I’ve been consistent with waking up, and doing fasted cardio. I feel like it’s finally a part of my routine and I find that a morning run helps me wake up! I feel energized, and gives me more time in the evening to focus on my weight routine, or attend pilates.

Today was my daughter’s birthday so we went out to grab some sushi for dinner. Since there weren’t many things I could eat, I just ate plain fish with a squeeze of lemon.  Not my favorite, but proud I stayed away from the rolls, and dessert.

Always be my baby.

DAY 18

I woke up feeling extra bloated, and I’m not sure what exactly is causing it. I haven’t changed anything diet wise, but I’m going to assume the brown rice might be the culprit. After doing Whole30, years ago, I noticed what rice (in general) did to me – bloattttt!

On a good note, one of my love/hate pilates classes was today. My pilates foam rolling class. I really get to loosen up the tension from throughout the week, and get my body pumping for more moving forward! If you haven’t tried foam rolling, I highly recommend it. It may make you tear up a bit (especially where your IT band is) but man I feel light as a feather afterwards.

DAY 19
Today it was honestly a little hard to swallow the Ezekiel Bread for breakfast, so I think I’ll switch to oats this upcoming week.

DAY 20

I didn’t crave tacos or milk tea – but fruit was definitely on my mind. *pats self on back*

Following advice from a friend, I stopped taking my creatin pills, and guess what? The bloated feeling stopped. 

DAY 21

So in my houshold we celebrate birthdays for the week, and ongoing into the weekend. We had a small birthday get together at a trampoline park, so involved afterwards was a fried food filled lunch. I couldn’t eat much at the place so I opted for grilled chicken and broccoli.

Quick Tip: If possible, always preview menus before going so you know your options. It’ll also help from being tempted to order otherwise – don’t even bother looking at the menu when you get there! Haha.


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