Fit in 5 – Week 4

DAY 22

I woke up feeling really energized, so we got our day started early. We decided to go out for breakfast at Dish Society for Zoey’s birthday. I ordered ordered eggs with extra egg whites.

Then we headed the grocery store, HEB, to purchase meal prep ingredients. I still am not tired of white fish, and had a ton left over from the prior week, so I just grabbed a few different green veggies.

Tuan and I teamed up to meal prep so we could workout our legs. I decided to move leg day so I could handle pilates on Monday nights. After my leg workout I foam rolled, we took the girls to the park.​​

DAY 23

I felt like a CHAMP today! I completed all my workouts and didn’t feel super drained. During pilates class, I was blessed with being the only person – so I got that 1 on 1 training and got to try some new moves!

DAY 24

My morning run unfortunately didn’t go as well as I had hoped for, and I’m thinking it’s the result from leg day 2 days prior. I’ve foam rolled, picked up additional stretching in pilates, but it’s still a little tight behind my right knee. Im hopeful it’ll loosen up in a day or so.

I felt defeated mentally today. I was mentally exhausted from work, and personal life issues, and just plain devastation. I laid in my bed contemplating working out or a nap, and as my little one fell asleep I could hear my door creep open.  My oldest walked in and asked me, “Mommy what does working out do?” In that moment I realized how much my kids notice the things I do, and so I got my ass up and went to the gym.

Got a little quad action going on.

DAY 25

I woke up still a little bummed, but after my morning cardio I was feeling much better.

DAY 26

Although I typically run in the morning, another run in the evening is nice when I need to decompress. So today I left the house a little earlier than usual to get in a run at the track before pilates. It felt really good, especially when there’s beautiful scenery.

DAY 27

Another day, another interval training session in the morning. These are probably the toughest for me mentally because I’m pushing the button for my own “death wish.” Okay, I am not really dying, but I feel like it when I suddenly stop, and for the last few seconds of the sprint.

DAY 28

Oh my has it been a busy day! I started out my Saturday as I always do with a pilates class in the morning. After class a few of my favorite food bloggers (PetiteBrunchie & BoomTownBites) came over to team up for a photoshoot. I was pretty proud of myself for not inhaling all the curly fries, queso, and burgers. By the way, I can’t wait to share my content with you guys.

After the shoot, my cousin came over so I could assist with a little dolling up for her photoshoot. It was great to catch up, and do some make up (especially since I haven’t been wearing much lately.)

So overall it’s been a long day, and by the evening time I hadn’t ate, so I decided to take my mom out for a healthy meal, and to grab some tea (no milk or added sugar.)


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